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Teaching on-line is definitely different than face-to-face!
Reduce the workload that came with the shift to on-line teaching
Engage your students with a best-selling author
via 10-minute video lessons and 20-minute follow-up activities

 28 Literacy Lessons in four Sections
for Upper Elementary/Middle School
Currently Used by School Boards Across Canada
full access License -- $59/classroom

How it Works:

- Each lesson has an overview prep sheet that takes minimal time

- Email the lesson URL to your students for self-guided learning

- Or screen-share the videos from the lesson area during live on-line teaching

- Download and share accompanying pdfs with your students

- Section One: Develop engaging content for narrative, expository and essay writing
- Section Two: Improve writing skills at all levels 
- Section Three: Editing and revision
- Bonus section: Start-to-finish procedural to a completed short story

Sigmund Brouwer introduces the course

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A Comprehensive Literacy Program To Supplement And Boost All Writing Curriculums
Developed Through Years Of Classroom Experience
Appeals To Reluctant Readers And Writers

Academy For Writers in Schools 

“For the past two years, Sigmund Brouwer has been writer-in-residence for our entire division of 25 schools. His foundational approach to motivate students to write has been fantastic, and we’ve seen very positive results with his highly engaging methods of teaching writing in the classroom. We’ve made his Academy for Writers video curriculum available for all our teachers within the division, as we are confident our students will increase their literacy skills while they are away from school.” 
- Good Spirit School Division

About Sigmund 

As the bestselling author of dozens of titles, with over 4 million books in print in multiple languages, Sigmund Brouwer writes for both children and adults. He has won the American Christy Book of the Year and the Arthur Ellis Award for best young-adult mystery in Canada, as well as being a finalist twice in the prestigious TD Children's Literature Awards. Over the last two decades, he has presented his Rock and Roll Literacy Show to more than a million students across North America.

Sigmund Brouwer in the media -- Moon Mission and Innocent Heroes

"I was that student in school who struggled with writing. . .
so I make sure to break the process  
into small and manageable steps 
that are simple and easy to follow and remember."
-- Sigmund Brouwer
  • Section One -- How to develop and structure great content for narratives or exposition: The great thing about teaching mathematics is that the answers are clear to define, and there are concrete steps like formulas to assist students. Sometimes it seems like what makes for teaching good writing is a lot more slippery to grasp. Here, you'll be given the tools to help your students want to come up with a great story for narrative or expository writing. Because once they have a story they want to share, your students will be motivated to work harder to deliver the story through writing. 
  • Section Two -- How deliver great content with great writing: You will use the lessons to help your students think through sentence structure and celebrate how amazing words are. You will lead your students to finally understand that they can take control of someone's conscious thoughts via a super code that we take for granted --  the alphabet. You'll also introduce them to one simple step that will make writing their first draft much easier than they expected.
  • Section Three -- How to edit and revise: Here, you get to give students an inside look at the editing and revising that takes place for a book to be published.  You'll be able to lead students to a point where confidence and motivation in their editing skills will ensure that their final draft is a great piece of writing.
  • A complete guide to a polished short story: In section four, you'll access lessons and tools to show your students how to break a story into seven manageable steps. Schools where teachers have incorporated these structured methods into preparation for provincial writing tests have had measurable improvement in their results.
  • Answers to all your story-writing questions:  The on-line videos and content are constantly being updated with new resources. If you have questions along the way, Sigmund Brouwer welcomes your feedback to keep improving the program.

The Academy For Writers curriculum includes: 
- 21 on-demand video lessons to teach on-line live, or assign for self-guided learning
- 7 bonus videos to help your student complete an amazing short story 
- activity sheets and extra resources including 10 ebooks by Sigmund Brouwer
- 1 live on-line video lesson with Sigmund per week 
- certificate of completion for each student in your classroom
- full classroom license valid until September 30, 2020

Comments from educators who have used 
Sigmund's program and video lessons in the classroom:

“Sigmund was able to provide the students a framework of how to write a manageable
story that was entertaining and creative. . .the students really dove into his writing
process because it came from a ‘real’ author. I would strongly suggest that you have
Sigmund work with your students.We have evidence that it proved it helped our results.
For the first time ever, 100% of our English students achieved the acceptable level in
writing and we also beat the provincial average for students achieving the standard of excellence in writing.

- Sonja Dykslag, Principal,
École Lacome Upper Elementary School
“. . .this is the first time in history for [our school’s student test results] to be above the School Board in writing and the first time above the province. We talked about our results at a staff meeting and the teachers truly believe that Sigmund’s writing workshops had a direct impact on the results! They have changed their teaching practice as a result.”

- Sharla McKinnon, Principal, 
Crossroads School
“My students are FIRED UP!

Sigmund was a great motivation to my students! Non-readers became involved and excited about reading and writing. Collaborating with Sigmund this school year brought excitement and enthusiasm to literacy, which resulted in enormous growth for my students.”

- Kelli Schindel, Lanigan School

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